Planned scope of services

Installation of the integrated visitor management system within the mansion, installations of the 21st century, audio guide, touch-screen terminals

Our visitors will gather information by using the audio guide equipment they receive together with the ticket as they pass the different points of the exhibition, listen to the audio guide and read the information on the touch-screen terminals. As usual in the museums of Western Europe, the halls and the objects are marked with numbers in ascending order, and the descriptions of the audio guide are allocated accordingly. The price of the audio guide is included in the ticket price. The user-friendly, smartphone-based devices can be set to Hungarian, English or German.

Interactive touch-screen panels, game with laser and several installations assist the interpretation of the items exhibited. The easily comprehensible texts and the exhibition design with a lot of illustrations cater for both the adults with multiple opportunities to learn, and for the children for a playful way of learning.

In addition to the permanent and the temporary exhibitions we will offer our guests all year round several additional services and a series of colourful events that are based on local traditions and gastronomic offers. We offer our visitors a wide selection of programs in order to maximize the experience, to have activities and to share knowledge. We are ready to fulfil the needs of our guests by a flexible time schedule, tailor-made offers and with the help of a group of proactive specialists.

The Museum pedagogy workshop will be suitable for giving lectures and holding workshops and lessons full of fun, both for groups and school classes. The topics shall focus on learning about Tolcsva and its neighbourhood, the history of the mansion and its former inhabitants, the Szirmay and the Waldbott families.

Foretaste of the offer from our museum pedagogy programs:

Events in the mansion

The areas for cultural events and for the public to be created as the result of the development will be suitable for holding private family events, friends’ gatherings, or conferences outside the usual venues. During the renovation the Celebration Hall hosting the venue for cultural events shall attain its former brilliance. The section rooms of the mansion will be used as options to hold events with a limited number of participants, discussions and meetings. Catering will be taken care of by our coffee bar and our partners, from sandwiches up to luxurious wedding parties.

In the future the mansion shall implement and organize programs individually all year around. The offers of the Visitor centre will be harmonised with the events based on regional and local gastronomic events.

Souvenir shop and coffee bar

The souvenir shop offers visitors small decorative items related to the mansion and Tolcsva, popular science literature and local art craft products. Additionally, the product range of the souvenir shop with new, up-to-date product structure includes locally produced products, especially the wines of Tolcsva.

Planned opening date: December

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